17 Day Diet Guide – Weight Loss the Healthy Way

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Is the 17 Day Diet right for you? 17 day diet guide ::: #17DayDiet #WeightLoss #LowCarbSo, you’re most likely reading this post because you’re looking for information on 17 day diet or you’re looking for a healthy way to lose weight. Well, lucky for you we’ve got tons of info for doing the 17 day diet right here with this 17 day diet guide.

The 17 Day Diet was created by Dr. Mike Moreno. It’s based on a book written by him (link below). It consists of 4 cycles of 17 days each. It’s easy to follow. It isn’t a starvation diet. It’s all about following the plan and you’ll lose weight. Read more below.

17 day diet guide:

I’ve compiled a list of some posts I wrote on the 17 Day Diet that might be helpful if you’re considering trying the diet plan. Hope you enjoy this 17 day diet guide.

1.  17 Day Diet Explained – This gives you a breakdown of all four cycles and the diet rules.

2. 17 Day Diet Do’s and Don’ts – This breaks down the rules into more detail including pics.

3. 17 Day Diet Allowed Foods List – This is a complete list of foods that are allowed on the diet. It’s broken down into each cycle. These lists come directly from the 17 day diet book by Dr. Mike Moreno.

4. Transitional Fast Day Smoothie Recipes – In the newest version of 17 day diet book, Dr. Mike added a transitional day fast you can do if you feel in a rut or just want a day to boost your metabolism. You can do a smoothie fast all day. I broke down the info on this transitional day into this blog post.

This diet is essentially something you could do for life. It’s not a restrictive diet – you can eat as many vegetables and lean proteins you’d like! So, there is truly no reason to starve on this diet.

The rules can be complex to some. But you’ll get used to them and be losing weight quickly on this diet. Hope this 17 day diet guide was helpful in getting you started. As always, I am open to questions you have. I know tons of info about this diet and speak with people daily about it when they ask questions through our app. You can email me anytime. Hope the 17 day diet guide was helpful! Let me know what you think!

17 Day Diet BOOK

For full details on this diet I suggest buying the 17 Day Diet Book by Dr. Mike Moreno.

17 Day Diet Breakthrough Book - buy now!

17 Day Diet Complete TRACKING APP

17 day diet complete17 Day Diet made easy! We’ve created a mobile app for tracking food, water, exercise and weight loss. Buy it now:  17 day diet complete - app for ipad, ipod or iphone    Android app on Google Play      Kindle Fire app on Amazon

17 Day Diet MEAL PLANS

Or, check out our meal plans. It’s not just a bunch of recipes thrown together, either! We take the time to calculate exactly what you’ll need each day and put those meals together. We make sure you’re following the diet as its supposed to be followed. This app is FREE to download:

17 day diet meal plan - app for ipad, ipod or iphone

Android app on Google Play      Kindle Fire app on Amazon

Hope this helps a bit for anyone needing 17 day diet help. I am very knowledgeable with 17 day diet, if you ever have questions, send me a message.

p.s. Both our apps come with in app diet chat – meaning your own 17 day diet support person there when you need them! It’s actually me, always willing to help with diet, app or motivational support!

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