5 Tips for Sticking to your New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight

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Every year about 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. A big one is to “Lose Weight” – which is understandable since about 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. But, it’s been shown that most people don’t stick to the resolution they’ve chosen.

5 tips to make your new years resolution stick! -- #WeightLoss

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Here are a few keys to making resolutions for the new year and sticking to them:

    1. Be as specific as possible and make sure it’s measurable, otherwise you won’t even know where to start and the resolution will just slowly disappear as time goes on. Being specific means to pin-point exactly what you plan to achieve in precise detail. Adding measurement to a resolution means to add some sort of measure to it – size, length, weight, time, etc. EXAMPLE: Instead of saying: “My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight.” Say: ” I plan on losing 10 lbs by February 15, 2015 by eating clean foods daily and exercising 5 days a week.”
    2. Find a way to hold yourself accountable. A few ways to do this are: having a buddy to go on this journey with you – you can hold each other accountable by making sure the other person is eating right and exercising, plus you can do it all together; telling all your friends what your plan is in hopes they will keep asking you about your progress – this type of peer pressure is good; or by making a chart to track your foods and/or workouts – check off daily what you should be doing and eating.
    3. Choose a small goal first. Pick something you can achieve in a short time. Once you achieve it, it will give you a big motivational push to achieve more because you’ll realize YOU CAN DO IT! Choosing a resolution that will take months to achieve might bring you down and you’ll get tired of trying because in our fast paced society we’re always wanting things NOW! So, choose a more closely attainable goal first.

  1. Choose an exercise you love. Many people have this idea of exercise being a chore or just really don’t enjoy it. It’s probably because they haven’t found an exercise they love yet. There are so many options out there to get your body moving and just don’t give up! Keep looking for the right one for you. Try a group exercise class or search online for workout videos if you’re too shy to get out to a gym. There’s tons of free video’s on YouTube. When you find a workout you love, you’ll be more likely to stick to it and get it done.
  2. The truth about weight loss. How to stick to your New Years Resolutions!Remember that nobody is perfect and journeys do not always go the way you planned them to. Things happen. Life is a big roller coaster. It can be fun and it can be scary. You can be twisted and turned around in many different directions even when you least expect it. Your weight loss journey might be like this. Just keep looking forward and remember that you’re trying to change your life for the better and that’s what is important. If you keep on the path, you will get to where you want. It might not be exactly when you expected, but you’ll get there if you persevere.

I wish you all the best of luck with your weight loss journey’s. I know it feels like an uphill battle, but keep pushing yourself and you’ll find it a rewarding experience and you’ll learn to enjoy the journey. Learning to enjoy it will bring you much joy and will help you succeed on your path! If you need help with anything or need some motivation, I am always open to chat. Email me at Kelly@healthyhappysmart.com

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