Easy Weight Loss Tips: 8 Ways to Measure Without a Scale

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I’ve gathered these Easy Weight Loss Tips for anyone who struggles with focusing on the scale and anyone who gets frustrated with the scale. There are sooooo many other ways to see your weight loss success WITHOUT A SCALE! Hope our easy weight loss tips for success help you get over using the scale anymore.

easy weight loss tips for weight loss success!

I know how it is to be obsessed with the scale. You wake up daily and step on the scale hoping to see a lower number than what you saw yesterday only to be disappointed that it’s stayed the same or maybe even gone UP! NOOOOO!

I’ve learned since those days of stressing about the scale. Now I actually don’t even look at the scale. It’s tucked away deep in my hall closet. There’s really no point of looking at it. Especially when I have other ways to see my weight loss success that are way more rewarding than that darn scale.

Here are 8 easy weight loss tips where you will see your diet success other without having to look at the scale: 

1. Look in the mirror! Take a good look at your body in the mirror daily and you will see differences that the scale will never be able to tell you.

2. Take photos! Take a photo right now, get in your bikini and take a full body selfie. Do it again weekly or every other week and compare photos. You’ll be super surprised at the differences and this will totally boost your confidence. This is a great way to see weight loss success. You can use a wireless remote like this one to connect with your phone or camera and take photos as you please.

3. Take body measurements! This is one of my favorite ways to see weight loss progress. You take a measuring tape and measure around your waist, hips, thighs, belly, arms, etc and write down these numbers. Then repeat the process in a month and compare. You’ll be surprised at the inches/centimeters lost even when the scale might show no loss at all.

4. Notice how loose your clothes are fitting. When you’re always having to pull your pants up from falling down and your shirts aren’t super tight on you anymore you are seeing success!!

5. Get your body fat tested. Gyms or doctors offices can do this for you. Do it once now and do it again in the future to compare. You could also buy one of these hand held devices to measure body fat percentage on your own.

6. Take heed of the compliments from others. If someone tells you you’re looking good, appreciate it! They’re not telling you this for nothing! You really are looking good!

7. Take note of your fitness progress. If you’re working out a lot you’ll notice that you can now do 5 push ups, while when you first started you could barely do one “lady pushup” on your knees! Be proud of this success!

8. Take note of how you feel! Once you’re eating healthy and exercising you will notice a difference in how you feel, I promise you.

Our weight fluctuates all the time depending on how much we ate, how much water we drank, whether we’ve gone to the bathroom or not (#1 or #2!), etc. Besides this but when you’re on a fitness plan you’re gaining muscle as you burn fat. So it’s possible you won’t see the scale change at all, but you will notice a difference in your body composition since you’re getting rid of the flabby fat as you gain the lean & strong muscle. PLUS 5 lbs of muscle takes up less space on our bodies than 5 lbs of fat. It’s denser and therefore you will see a difference in your body by looking at it, but the scale might stay the same. Our easy weight loss tips above can help you see success without having to look at the scale.

Weight loss success doesn’t always have to be about the scale. You’ll just go crazy focusing on it, so try any of the above weight loss tips to help you feel better about yourself now!

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