Lose Weight on Paleo with these Essential 5 Steps

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lose weight on paleo diet with these 5 easy steps. #HealthyHappySmart #Paleo #eatClean #cleanEatingFirst, we explain: WHAT IS PALEO? For newbies…

Paleo diet (also known as Paleolithic or caveman diet) is based on strict diet of different types of foods presumed to have been eaten by our ancient ancestors. These foods include meat, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables and excludes foods that they had no access to such as dairy, various grain products, and processed foods. Most studies suggest that the ancestors lived on these foods and rarely got sick from diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. Several other studies (along with hundreds of success stories) show that many lose weight on paleo.

Over time, paleo recipes have gained fame for their ability to boost efforts at weight loss. This is because the balanced diet prioritizes on decreasing your consumption of starchy carbohydrates (white breads and pastas) and other junk foods while increasing your intake of lean proteins, nutrient-dense vegetables, healthy fats, and whole fruits. For proteins, the diet recommends eating good amounts of animal products such as red meat, pork, poultry, eggs, organs, and wild caught fish. The meat should be from grass-fed animals as this type is lean has relatively low amounts of saturated fats. Healthy fats should be obtained from coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, fish oil, and grass-fed meat. Organic or local fruits, vegetables, and spices are most preferred.

By eliminating all junky foods that provide empty calories and cause weight gain, it becomes easier to lose weight on Paleo. If you have never tried paleo diet before, I’ve gathered five simple steps to get started and successfully lose weight! These tips will have you eating clean and going Paleo in no time.

Lose Weight On Paleo With These 5 Steps:

1 . Know What is and What isn’t Paleo

The diet allows you to eat meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, animal fats, and healthy oils. For effective weight loss on paleo, avoiding foods such as grains, legumes, processed foods, refined sugar, dairy, sodas and energy drinks, and alcohol is recommended. See our free Paleo+ app so you can look up any food to see if it’s Paleo friendly or not.

2. Ditch your Old Lifestyle

You cannot get started with paleo if you are still practicing your old eating habits. Start expelling dairy, legumes, grains, processed foods, junk foods, alcohol, and soft drinks from your diet. Take baby steps if necessary removing one type of food a week if that helps. You will lose weight on paleo if you change your bad habits to healthy habits.

3. Fill your kitchen with Paleo Foods

Once you’ve ditched your old unhealthy lifestyle, and emptied out your kitchen of anything NOT PALEO (junk foods, processed foods, etc). Be sure to restock your fridge and pantry with healthy, clean and paleo friendly foods as way to push on with the new lifestyle. Since the quality is very important here, you should seek out for these foods in the farmers’ market or from the local farmers in your area.

4. Always be prepared for cravings/meals

A paleo diet requires proper planning because it is not usually based around pre-packaged meals or drive thru runs. You can create weekly meal plans to guide you along the way so you’re always prepared. Plan out daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks). If you don’t have time for planning meals weekly, we offer meal plans for you. Our plans are meant for women trying to lose weight on paleo.  Each days plan adds up to roughly 1400-1800 calories (you can change the serving size if you want more or less). Check out a sneak peek of what you get in our plans here.

Also, always keep healthy snacks in the fridge such as chopped veggies or hard boiled eggs. CLICK FOR MORE SNACK IDEAS.  Planning ahead saves you time, money and keeps your diet in check.

5. Take Baby Steps until Fully Committed

Making the change from regular food to paleo recipes may not be easy, but for the sake of your health, you have to make an effort. You need to have the right mindset and courage to succeed. Like I mentioned up in step 3, take baby steps. Remove dairy one week, alcohol the next, etc and you will eventually love eating the paleo way. You’ll love the way you feel and the way you look. You’ll lose weight on paleo and never look back to your old habits ever again!

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