Kitchen Tools You Just Must Have Now

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I love being in the kitchen. Cooking up some good food that I know is good for me and not full of “who-knows-what” makes me feel good. I have a very small kitchen, but I still love having kitchen tools – so I make room for them. My favorite is my blender. What’s yours?

Here is my list of 12 Must-Have Kitchen tools. These are pretty important for an avid cook, I would say. But if you think different or think I missed something you can’t live without, let me know!

12 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

For those of you who are just starting to cook and need help stocking your kitchen with Must-Have’s… I am here to help guide you with these 12 must-have kitchen tools.

Kitchen Tools You Just Must-Have:

I use my blender every single day. No joke. Except maybe when I am going out of town and don’t have access to one! Boo Hoo! But I am a big smoothie junkie. I’ve had a high speed blender (BLENDTEC) for about 9 months now and love it more than any blender I’ve ever had. It’s also good for making nut butters, raw soups, pesto, cashew alfredo sauce and “ice cream” made with bananas, nut butter and almond milk.

These are great for leftovers, of course. But, what I am really pointing these out for is how helpful they can be for meal prep. Have your meals planned ahead, prep them, cook them and store them in containers like these in the fridge for the week. This will help you keep on track with your diet, plus save you time and money in the long run.

Notice I included “sharp” there… I have been to peoples houses before prepping food and noticed how crappy their knives were. It’s pretty annoying cutting something with a bad knife. I cannot stress how awesome it is to have a good sharp knife… especially if you cook a lot. It will save you time and not hurt your hand/arm while cutting something that’s hard to cut. Invest in good knives – or at least ONE good one.

I have about 4 cutting boards. They’re so handy. If you are a meat eater, try to designate one for meats only and wash really well with hot water and soap.

My favorite type of utensil to use when cooking. I have a few different shapes: round, oval, slotted and flat & square like a spatula. They’re all beneficial in their own ways. I suggest you get a set if you don’t have some already.

This is a no brainer, especially if you bake. You’re going to need measuring spoons and cups for sure.

The crock-pot (AKA slow cooker) can come in handy. Especially for anyone who’s super busy with barely any time to make dinner. You can prep in the morning and when you get home from work dinner is already ready! Woo Hoo! Here are some Paleo Crock-pot Recipe ideas. Or you can use it for food prep for the week coming up.

These always come in handy, whether you’re roasting veggies, chicken or baking healthy cookies! I recommend the kind with a lip around the edges like this.

A cast iron skillet is so handy with cooking up practically anything. It’s all I use now, but some people also keep a non-stick skillet handy too. Remember to not use soap when washing a cast iron skillet, they will rust. Just use a handy scraper to get any food off the skillet  then wipe out with a paper towel or napkin. Or I also sometimes do a quick rinse with hot water (Dry immediately) but most people are totally against this! Or follow directions on the tag that comes with the skillet.

A ceramic or pyrex dish is good for making any kind of casserole, enchiladas or lasagna. Also great for roasting potatoes, carrots, squash or other veggies.

Nothing better than making a big pot of soup or stew. And a big pot is so handy to have. You can save extra soup for leftovers, too. I recommend stainless steel.

You can use this to steam up veggies. I have a steamer bowl that I just place in one of my pots I then add about 2 inches of water to the pot that will sit below the steamer bowl to steam whatever’s in the bowl. Then put the lid on top and steam away. But there are many different kinds of steamers. This is my favorite of the ones you would put into a pot. But if you want to go all out, you can purchase an actual food steamer machine like this one.

BONUS!!! I know I said 12 kitchen tools, but here’s a bonus tool you should get if you’re into clean eating:

This is something I do not have yet. But I really, really, really, really want one. You can use it to make veggie noodles out of zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. So handy. Spiralizers is a small appliance (pretty much) and comes with different attachments to make different sized noodles. A julienne peeler is usually just a small device similar to a veggie peeler or there are a little bit larger ones too.

These kitchen tools are ideal for any cook. What’s your favorite tool, or did I skip something you would find more helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

(NOTE: yes, I included affiliate links in the above products. I actually use all these products and wouldn’t recommend them otherwise. Thx!)

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