Start Your Own Weight Loss Blog + Reach Your Goals

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Make Money & Lose weight by starting your own weight loss blog! Learn how....

Ever think about starting a weight loss blog, but didn’t know where to start? I am here to tell you it’s not that hard to do. I am going to guide you through the steps to get started.

Why should you start your own weight loss blog?

  1. It can keep you accountable – you can write about your ups, your downs, what you found helpful, vent about falling off the wagon, share when you find success, etc. This keeps you on track and you might even get some good motivation from your readers by doing this, too.
  2. It can connect you with others who are also on a weight loss journey – you can make some great friends by blogging. And better yet, they’ll be friends who are in the same boat as you!
  3. It gives you somewhere to vent – let’s face it, we all have our struggles. Especially with weight loss. This blog can be a place you can vent all your feelings and get advice from others who know how you’re feeling.
  4. It can help you learn and teach others what you’ve learned – you can write about new things you learn on the web, in books, in magazines, at the gym, etc and help yourself and others with this powerful info and change their lives as well!
  5. It can provide a side income source! Yes, that’s right, you can make money with a blog. Ads, affiliate marketing, being an influencer, and sponsored posts are just a few ways you can make money with your own weight loss blog.

Let’s get started on how to make your own weight loss blog.

Make Money & Lose Weight by starting a weight loss blog! Learn more...

Step 1: Pick a hosting plan & domain name

You might be wondering – what the heck is a hosting plan?? Your website needs a place to park itself so people can find it and the hosting site helps you with this. So, you’ll need to find a host for your site and purchase a hosting plan from them. We highly recommend creating a self-hosted site. This is especially important if you want to make money from your blog. Self-hosting give you the most control over your blog.

To choose a hosting site, we recommend BLUEHOST (this link will open a new window to get set up). Bluehost is pretty cool in that they have excellent customer service, superior hosting and great prices!! It will cost you as little as $3.49 per month in hosting, plus a free domain is included.

Select your plan:

For someone just getting started, I recommend the Basic Plan on Bluehost (see image below). It starts out at only $3.49/month, which is perfect for someone just getting started. If you’re looking for more options, The Plus Plan does have some pretty good added perks, so it might be something to look into – but you can always upgrade at a later time. Click on SELECT button on image below to check out your Bluehost plan.

How to start your own weight loss blog! Bluehost options sign up form!

You’ll be charged up front for 1 year  – but don’t worry, if for any reason in the future you decide you aren’t happy with Bluehost or decide to change to a different host later on, Bluehost will refund you the months you didn’t use.

Choosing your domain…..

When signing up with Bluehost, you can choose your very own domain! This is the fun part – or it can be a confusing part for some… depending on if you have ideas already or not. As you know already, ours is named after our website. Here are some tips to follow when choosing your domain name:
– pick a ‘.com’ domain
– should be easy to read
– short domains are best
– should be easy to remember
– no numbers or hyphens

Use the search box below to see if your domain name idea is available:

Step 2: Install WordPress!

After you’re all signed up with Bluehost, you can now install WordPress!! Click here for directions on how to do that.

Step 3: Make your blog beautiful!

You want the site to look good right? Picking a WordPress “theme” is important in that it will be the look and feel of your new weight loss blog. You can go simple with a free theme of course. But I highly recommend you invest in buying a theme. It’s usually a one time fee for a good one that has the following features:

  • It should be well designed and created by someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • It should be user friendly – this will help you while you’re designing your weight loss blog. You’ll be able to easily adjust your logo, blog colors or sidebars without much tech know-how.
  • It should be a responsive theme, meaning it will make your weight loss blog easily readable from a computer, tablet or a phone regardless of the screen size.
  • The theme creator provides support! This means that if you ever have issues with the theme or setting up something on your weight loss blog, the support team will help you with any questions you have.

Finding a theme…

1. MyThemeShop

Our website theme is through We love it. It’s so easy to navigate the tools and features they provide. We’ve been able to create a site that makes us happy and we are always tweaking things to make our site more beautiful everyday. The theme we got was $47 USD – so not bad for all the features it provides!

How to start your own Weight Loss Blog - Choose a Theme: MyThemeShop

 2. StudioPress

StudioPress is also really awesome. I’ve heard great things about their themes, too. Not only is the support top notch, but the themes fit all the requirements I listed above. You might want to check out their themes too.

How to design your own weight loss blog - pick a theme: studio press theme shop

The key is to search around and find what works best for you and your weight loss blog. Prices aren’t too high for an awesome theme, and you won’t regret making that investment. I promise you.

Once you get that all set up, you’re on your way to success. You can start writing posts, helping yourself stay accountable, helping others connect with you and possibly earning an income.

Hope this guide to making your own weight loss blog was helpful. If you have any questions, email me: kelly (at) Or ask a question in the comments below.

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