3 Day Military Diet Reviews & Results

3 Day Military Diet reviews can be hard to come by, and then you might worry if they are even legit. With good reason you might be a little leery of who to trust and who not to trust.

Have you see the 3 Day Military Diet app? It’s about 5 years old (June of 2013) and it’s been a very popular app and with very excited users (please see the 3 day military diet reviews below and in the app stores to see how much they like it and how well they did on the diet). The 3 day military diet app has made it into the top 50 of all Health & Fitness apps in iTunes! Many have written reviews for the 3 day military diet app in iTunes and Kindle app store. I’ve copied 6 of our favorites below, but you can also view them in their respective app stores.

Can you really lose weight on 3 day military diet? | 3 Day Military Diet Reviews and Results


#1 – It Really Works!!! by Norrie1947 (iTunes)

“I am an older woman (68) and have a hard time even dropping a pound. This diet truly works. I do like all the foods on the diet so it’s easy for me. After the three days I lost 5.4 lbs! Never lost this much in such a short period of time. I did use half & half in my coffee and still lost a significant amount in the three days. I also added a little low fat mayo to the tuna fish and a little relish to perk it up. But even with those few tweaks I did well. I highly recommend this 3 day military diet app. If you get bored, just use the substitutions. Having that vanilla ice cream every night also keeps me satisfied for a daily treat. You won’t be disappointed.”

#2 – Best diet plan app by NewBornNickumz (iTunes)

“This is seriously the best diet plan it’s so easy to follow because you can’t go wrong because you know you can’t eat too much and you can eat too little of what they’re telling you. I like how they help you keep track of your weight and you’re able to check off what you’ve already eaten and accomplished it’s just amazing and I’m very thankful and grateful for this app, praise the lord!”

#3 – WOW – customer support is A+++ by Baabeeme2 (iTunes)

“This is my 2nd day on the 3 day military diet. I’ve had so many questions because it’s pretty strict. However, I’ve gotten answers to ALL my questions along with VERY helpful recommendations and tips! There’s nothing like a friendly human touch to encourage and provide support – especially on a diet like this one. So thank you guys for that. I am hoping to lose 40 lbs on this diet. Not keeping track of what I put in my mouth, eating on the run and eating like my children has gotten me to where I am now. I believe this diet and 3 day military diet app will help me tremendously to lose the weight and become a healthy person again. It forces me to be conscious of what I put in my mouth and has automatically counted the calories for me so I don’t have to. It provides subs so that it provides variety and I love the auto grocery list that changes depending on subs you choose. Being able to check off foods that you’ve eaten gives you that feeling of satisfaction that you’ve accomplished a good thing.”

#4 – Best diet i’ve tried by Plasma2259 (iTunes)

“This is the best diet I’ve tried. Been on it at least 6 weeks and I’ve lost 20 lbs. With a little discipline, this diet will work. I drink 32 oz of water before each meal to keep the hunger at bay.”

#5 – You gonna love it! by Cj92063 (iTunes)

“I’m former military trying to stay in shape found this app it’s great me and the wife love it so will you. It’s all about the discipline with this diet. You can lose tons of weight. Lost like 7 pounds first couple weeks!”

#6 – Helpful! By ConnieSoo (iTunes)

“Helped me lose 5 lbs fast. Easy to use and great support.”

3 day military diet reviews - does the 3 day diet really work? What are people saying about this diet, what are some 3 day military diet results?

If you want to try the 3 day military diet, but don’t know where to start, check out the  3 Day Military Diet app — The app is $2.99 USD. The app is the same on all devices and helps you follow the 3 day military diet by tracking what you eat (it includes the full menu for 3 days + substitutions options), a grocery list, a weight loss tracker, diet guidelines, condiment list and our specialty – a DIET CHAT! In the diet chat you can ask anything about the diet or the app and they’ll answer right inside the app (like texting). It’s an awesome features of the app. Read the 3 day military diet reviews in the app store and see what satisfied customers have to say about it.

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NOTE: 3 Day Military Diet is a “quick fix” diet, which means it’s meant to be used to lose weight quickly for a special event or something. Because of the nature of how quickly you lose the weight, naturally it’s bound to come back (or at least some of it) when you’re done with the 3 days. Quick fixes usually don’t last, but with some they do and it can be then used as a jumpstart to a more longer term healthy clean eating diet. But for someone who just wants/needs to lose weight quickly – this is a great diet. The 3 day military diet app is helpful for those who need help following the diet. All 3 day military diet reviews are public and can be found in the app stores by searching for the app.

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