KellyWelcome everyone! I am Kelly, and my husband (Steven) and I created this site to help promote our helpful meal plan apps – while also sharing my healthy recipes, weight loss info, cooking tips, and diet tips. I am just a girl who started my own weight loss journey back in 2011 and have been maintaining a healthy weight while eating clean and keeping active for the past couple years. I’ve helped thousands of people lose weight and learn to eat healthier through our diet and meal plan apps. I hope to help you too!

Steven and I run Healthy.Happy.Smart. together – him being the developer and me doing the marketing and talking with people through our apps. We have 1 cat named Chester and we love to stay active: personally, I love going to spin class. But together we enjoy walking, hiking, biking and doing yoga. You can usually find me in the kitchen cooking (especially vegetarian foods!) and eating!

Wondering what a meal plan app is? It’s an application you can download to your smart phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Kindle) that includes weekly meals (recipes) planned for you. Our plans include 4 balanced meals planned a day and they are based around a healthy diet of your choice. Currently we have Paleo, Vegetarian, 17 Day Diet (a healthy weight loss plan), Gluten Free and a general Healthy Meal Plan. You’ll also get hundreds of extra recipes within the app that you can easily replace any planned meals you don’t feel like having for the day. It’s really simple and straightforward. Our plans help keep you on track with your diet, save you money and time.

Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian, nutritionist, health professional or anything like that. I base my shared info on knowledge I have come across as I have been on my own weight loss journey. Please seek the advice of a professional if you want health advice as I do not claim that I am qualified nor responsible for any issues that arise from doing any diet you read about on my site. Always seek the advice of your doctor or healthcare professional before starting any diet plan, especially if you have health issues.