Afternoon Energy Smoothie Recipe

Ever feel run down in the afternoon and need a little pick-me-up? Try this healthy smoothie, made with only 5 ingredients. Bananas and dates provide the sweet taste & energy, hemp seeds give a little extra protein and the ice is good for a hot day! You could also use frozen bananas and omit the ice and it will be a nice creamy smoothie.

Dates and bananas! Try this date and banana pick-me-up smoothie! YUM YUM!

Dates and bananas!

Any date variety is fineMedjool and Deglet Noor are both popular varieties, but feel free to use any kind you have. Be sure to take the pits out of the dates before adding to your blender! I’ve forgotten to do this and the blender makes a loud snapping or cracking noise if you forget (that’s the stone-hard pit in there)- it’s kinda scary!! So, always remember to remove pits – you can simply take a knife, slice down the date and use your fingers to pry it open and remove pit.

BEWARE! – even if you buy “pitted” dates, still check to make sure the pit’s not there. Since these are pitted by machines, sometimes one might sneak by without actually being pitted. Just FYI!

The bananas should be very ripe – definitely yellow with brown spots. (see pic above for spotty bananas.) Eating ripe bananas is better with digestion, plus I’ve heard eating under-ripe bananas can cause constipation – and no one wants that! (TMI?? Sorry!)

The almond milk should be unsweetened and plain. No need to add extra sweeteners with the dates included in this smoothie! Yummy, all-natural sweetness from dates is the best!

Here is how to make it. Enjoy…

Afternoon Energy Smoothie - #HealthyHappySmart #SmoothieAfternoon Energy Smoothie

2 medium bananas (Peeled)

3 whole Medjool dates [View on Amazon] (Pits removed)

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 TBSP hulled hemp seeds [View on Amazon]

1/2 cup ice (optional)

DIRECTIONS:  Add everything to a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour in a glass and enjoy.

Total Calories: 497

Total Fat: 6.9 grams

I drink this smoothie pretty much any time of day. Doesn’t have to be in the afternoon. Sometimes I even indulge with one in the evenings as a dessert smoothie! You’ll love it. I promise.

In the market for a new blender? I can recommend the one I use daily is my Blendtec! Seriously, I don’t know what I did without this thing before I got it. It’s super powerful, some blenders can’t handle frozen bananas like this baby can! Comes with an 8 year warranty plus free sipping! 

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