Best MCT Oil Powder – What is it? + Why use it?

MCT’s have become the new trend in the ketogenic industry for good reason. The best MCT oil powder is made by Perfect Keto – I say it’s the best because it contains no harmful fillers that will spike your blood sugar. MCT Powder is also just awesome within itself for many reasons listed below. Check out our guide to the best MCT oil powder out there. 

Best MCT oil powder - what is it and why use it?

Ever since I started the ketogenic diet, I’ve been mixing MCT’s into my tea each morning (most people add it to coffee, but I am more of a tea drinker!). I also add it to my protein shake after working out or add it to a smoothie. 

But I started having digestive issues if I used too much of the oil – until I discovered Perfect Keto’s MCT Oil Powder.

It’s changed my life because now I can use larger amounts of MCT Oil Powder without the digestive issues. I get the same benefits I love (like mental clarity!) without the stomachache!! 

Once you read through this review, you’ll understand why I think Perfect Keto’s MCT Oil Powder is 100x better than everything else on the market.

What are MCTs?

MCT = Medium Chain Triglyceride

MCT’s can be converted directly into energy because they are a shorter fatty acid chain. Because of this, they are easily used as fuel for the brain vs longer chained fats.

What is MCT Oil Powder?

MCT Oil Powder is the powdered form of MCT Oil. To get a powder form, it goes through a production process called spray drying.

Most MCT Oil Powders on the market are not pure MCT oil products. So always be aware and read labels or other info about the product you choose to buy. Finding the best MCT oil powder can be difficult, but we recommend Perfect Keto’s.

Many products contain fillers. Naturally, because of this, I was a little leery about giving MCT Powders a try. If I purchase a product, I am big on consuming only those with the least amount of ingredients on the label. I was super excited to learn that Perfect Keto best MCT Oil Powder had absolutely zero fillers. I knew I hit the Keto jackpot and had to try it!

Benefits of using the Best MCT Oil Powder

  • Increased energy
  • Improves brain function & health
  • Clears brain fog
  • Helps with fat burn & weight loss
  • Balances some specific hormones
  • Has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral benefits
  • Decreases hunger cravings
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Helps with improving digestive function

My Routine For MCT Oil Powder Consumption:

As I mentioned before, I love to use MCT Oil Powder mainly for my tea in the morning and I also like to include it in my post workout shake or any smoothies I have. It’s become a vital part of my daily supplement regimen.

Most people I talk to use it in their coffee.

Here’s what I do for my morning Tea routine:

  • Step 1: I pour some hot water over a tea bag in my mug to brew a single cup of tea.
  • Step 2: Remove the teabag and pour the tea into a blender along with one serving of Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder.
  • Step 3: Transfer this delicious frothy tea back into my mug.
  • Step 4: Enjoy!

Here’s what I would do for a morning Coffee routine:

  • Step 1: I will brew a single cup of coffee.
  • Step 2: Pour the coffee into a blender along with one serving of the best Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder.
  • Step 3: Transfer this delicious frothy coffee into a coffee mug.
  • Step 4: Enjoy my delicious coffee.

best MCT oil powder

Here’s how I use it for a post workout shake:

  • Step 1: Add one to two servings of Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder into a shaker cup with protein powder.
  • Step 2: Bring the shaker cup to the gym and do my workout.
  • Step 3: Immediately after exercising, I will add water to my shaker cup.
  • Step 4: Shake it (usually in the gym locker room or my car before I leave the parking lot)
  • Step 5: Enjoy my protein shake right away.

Here’s how I use it in a smoothie:

  • Step 1: Make your smoothie in a blender. 
  • Step 2: Add a serving of Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder to the blender jar. 
  • Step 3: Give it one more 20 second blend.
  • Step 4: Enjoy!

I have found that adding MCT Powder to my protein helps me recover faster and gives me more energy to get on with my day after a hard workout.Keto Diet Guide - best MCT Oil Powder and how to use it - - #HealthyHappySmart #KetoDiet

Why Perfect Keto’s MCT Oil Powder Is My Go-To Keto Supplement

I honestly feel like I can’t go a day without MCT Oil Powder because of how great it makes me feel, physically and mentally.

Here are a few reasons why I love it so much:

  • No Fillers or Additives. As I mentioned above – unlike other MCT Oil Powders on the market – Perfect Keto does NOT contain any fiber additives or corn starch in their product. So, no worrying about any hidden sugars or carbs that will kick me out of ketosis.
  • Adds creamy texture. The powdered form creates a creamy texture to your tea, coffee or protein shake that is super flavorful and makes it feel like a treat! 
  • To-Go Friendly. Powder form is just better in that it is easy clean up in case of spillage. I can carry my MCT Oil Powder with me everywhere and not worry about making a mess if it spills. Also, measuring a powdered scoop is easier than if it was in liquid form – especially on the go.

Perfect Keto best MCT Oil Powder

Why Do I Use MCT Powder Over MCT Oil?

I’ve found that the reasons mentioned above show that MCT oil powder outshines MCT oil. The benefits of the powdered form made it my preferred supplement for more reasons than one.

Here are a couple more reasons why I switched from MCT oil to its powdered counterpart:

  • I love desserts (who doesn’t?) – and I’ve found that it’s easier to incorporate MCT Oil Powder into keto friendly baked goods like adding it into a cake, brownie or another recipe.
  • I struggled with diarrhea and other digestive problems when using MCT oil. After switching to the powdered form the issues I was having went away – even when I used larger amounts.

What is Perfect Keto’s MCT Oil Powder Made Of?

The reason I chose Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder over the hundreds of other brands on the market is because they went above and beyond to make sure their product doesn’t have ANY fillers or additives. So, naturally, the ingredients list is limited. It’s the best MCT oil powder you’ll find. It’s 100% pure and each batch is lab tested which is something I know that not all companies do. Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder contains acacia fiber instead of the common corn or grain-based fillers which mess with your blood sugar.

Where Can I Get Perfect Keto’s best MCT Oil Powder?

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is my top choice when it comes to MCT’s. 

The guaranteed purity, as well as the peace of mind that the Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder has zero fillers or additives, makes it my preferred product by far. It really truly is the best MCT oil powder on the market for anyone doing keto. 

Get Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder by clicking here

Perfect Keto - best MCT oil powder - what is it and why use it? My review.

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