Clean Eating Meal Plan Sample • Learn to eat clean daily

Have you been thinking about creating your own clean eating meal plan? Below is one we created for you. We put this together to show you what you could eat on a clean eating diet.

Clean eating meal plan sample for beginners.

We’ve also got an app to go along with this plan, if you’re looking for more clean eating meal plans. The app gives you a new plan each week.


Clean eating is avoiding the processed junk foods and seeking out foods with full nutrition for optimal health and wellness. It’s about eating natural and “whole” foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, healthy fats and lean proteins and avoiding any foods that are not good for you. Avoiding those that are highly processed and include artificial ingredients. Eating organic is also a good idea when you can afford it. Check out our Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery List for reference. 

I’ve put together this SAMPLE CLEAN EATING MEAL PLAN – a 7 Day Meal Plan. This is similar to what you get if you subscribe for our clean eating meal plan app! Check out our free meal plan sample below. 

NOTE: If there is an ingredient you don’t like (broccoli or cabbage for example) – feel free to swap it out with a veggie you do like, or just leave it out of the recipe.

Clean Eating Meal Plan sample plan for beginners. Enjoy!

Vegetable soup recipe

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Clean Eating Meal Plan • 7 Day Meal Plan:


Breakfast: poached eggs, salt/pepper with steamed kale

Lunch: 2-3 cups salad veggies (your choice) with oil + vinegar dressing (no sugar)

Dinner: Vegetable Soup

Snack: Larabar and/or unsalted nuts/seeds


Breakfast: green smoothie

Lunch: 1/2 cup hummus + sliced veggies

Dinner: Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

Snack: unsalted nuts/seeds + orange


Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 1/4 sliced avocado, 1/2 sliced tomato

Lunch: Leftover vegetable soup (from Monday)

Dinner: Burrito bowls – brown rice, black beans, guacamole, diced tomatoes and onion + hot sauce

Snack: apple slices with 2 TBSP almond butter


Breakfast: Smoothie – banana, natural peanut butter, unsweetened cocoa + no sugar almond milk

Lunch: Avo, tomato, cucumber salad w/ balsamic, salt/pepper/garlic

Dinner: Veggie and tofu/chicken stir-fry (cooked with sesame oil, Tamari, garlic, onion, pepper and ginger)

Snack: Larabar and/or unsalted nuts/seeds


Breakfast: soft or hard boiled eggs + apple slices

Lunch: 2-3 cups salad veggies (your choice) with oil + vinegar dressing (no sugar)

Dinner: Roasted chicken breast with 1 cup steamed veggies of your choice

Snack: celery stalks with peanut butter


Breakfast: Fruit + greens smoothie

Lunch: leftover veggie and tofu/chicken stir-fry (from Wednesday)

Dinner: Grilled salmon with steamed cauliflower

Snack: dark chocolate chips + sunflower seeds


Breakfast: veggie + egg scramble

Lunch: roasted veggies over salad greens with 2 TBSP hummus

Dinner: baked sweet potato topped with cheese + veggies

Snack: cucumber slices with guacamole dip


Avoid any sugary and/or junky drinks like soda or store-bought juice. Instead drink tons of water, and fresh brewed tea.


If you still feel hungry, grab some: raw veggies, nuts/seeds, fruit or larabars.

Want More???

Our Healthy Clean Eating Meal Plan app is free to try out – you get a 7 day meal plan of dinner recipes for free in the app. If you subscribe you’ll get 3 meals planned daily plus a snack – all clean eating recipes + and clean eating shopping list. Everything is planned and ready to go. You just go shopping, make the meals and enjoy!

Eating healthy to lose weight, get help losing weight and eating clean with our clean eating meal plan! Sign up now!

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