41 Things to do instead of Binge Eating

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I’ve created this list to help you get distracted from binge eating and the unhealthy effects of binge eating. However, I do want to note that finding things to do instead of Binge Eating are just crutches. For real long term results, you might want to seek treatment of some kind.

41 Things to do instead of Binge Eating. Stop binge eating now. There is help. Learn more.

Food tastes good right? (well, most food anyway) – so it’s no wonder sometimes we can find ourselves eating mindlessly or binge eating. This isn’t always a good idea though, right? Weight gain, health problems, self esteem issues, self hate, anger, resentment, regret, more binge eating, and the cycle continues, etc are all things that can come from binge eating. One thing that has helped many people (myself included) is finding something else to do instead of binge eating. I’ve gathered this list (some I found online, some I thought of myself) to help with binge eating or mindless eating. Hope you find it helpful.

41 Things to do instead of Binge Eating:

    1. call a friend
    2. talk it over with your friend
    3. write in a journal about your thoughts
    4. read a book
    5. take a nap
    6. go for a walk
    7. write a letter to an old friend
    8. drink a tall glass of water
    9. chew some gum
    10. chew some ice
    11. do the dishes
    12. do some laundry
    13. take a bike ride
    14. play a game
    15. meditate
    16. take a hike
    17. say “STOP” out loud
    18. scream!
    19. check your email
    20. write positive affirmations and repeat it to yourself
    21. get a massage
    22. dance
    23. paint your nails
    24. surf the internet
    25. walk your dog
    26. pet your cat
    27. become a volunteer!
    28. take 5 slow, deep cleansing breaths
    29. exercise
    30. pray
    31. curl your hair
    32. clean out your closet
    33. go shopping
    34. take a hot bath
    35. go swimming
    36. look at funny pictures on the internet
    37. read jokes
    38. chop veggies for easy snacking
    39. do a random act of kindness for someone you don’t know
    40. start a new hobby (drawing? painting? sewing? jewelry making?)
    41. stop and smell the roses

Binge eating disorder is a real thing. You are not alone. Many people suffer from this and there is help! REALLY, there is! Stop this bad habit in it’s tracks right now. Stop living a life of secrecy, self loathing, sadness and bad health. If you’re scared, that’s normal. Take baby steps.

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