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Keto Weight Loss for Beginners

Online Video Course - go at your own pace, on your own time. 

What to Eat, What to Avoid, and How Much You Can Eat to Lose the Weight


The full course is now available! Learn how easy it can be to transition into a Keto lifestyle & be confident that you're on the right path.

$99   $29

$99   $29

$99   $29

Why Choose Keto Weight Loss For Beginners?

Do you struggle with getting started on Keto or sticking to it?

  • Are you uncertain about how much or what to eat?
  • Do you want to make sure you're doing Keto for weight loss instead of weight gain?
  • Are you looking for fat and protein levels to lose weight without turning your life upside down?
  • Do you struggle with a sweet tooth and snack cravings?
  • Are you worried about your cholesterol and heart on Keto?

We have all the answers to your Keto questions

Quick-start Keto for Weight Loss

We've created a quick and easy guided video course with everything you need to quick-start Keto today for weight loss:

  • What to eat and not eat
  • Simple & easy way to get your macros right
  • How to reduce carbs & add fat the right way
  • Get into Ketosis quickly & how to know you're in it
  • A tasty & simple 7 day Keto transition meal plan, shopping list & food lists


Exclusive Expert Advice

The course includes discussions with Leanne Vogel around the questions you've been asking us:

  • The number one secret to Keto success and how you can use it to lose weight quickly
  • Why most people that try Keto fail and how you can avoid the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight
  • Save a ton of money by NOT buying expensive Ketosis testing products with these expert tips
  • And so much more such as how to avoid hidden carbs, deal with snack cravings (including an incredible secret recipe for sweet tooths), and find out if Keto is a good fit for YOUR cholesterol & health situation.

Leanne Vogel

Kickstart Keto Now with Expert Guidance 

An easy to follow video guide with a solid plan to transition into a Keto lifestyle with ease & if you're already on Keto it will make sure you're on the right path.

$99   $29


Healthy. Happy. Smart. promotes healthy Keto recipes, cooking + lifestyle tips, and weight loss advice. We’ve helped thousands of people lose weight and learn to eat healthier through our lifestyle and meal planning apps. We hope to help you too!

Leanne Vogel is an ultra passionate Nutrition Educator, host of one of the top 10 health & fitness podcasts, four-time bestselling author, the largest keto resource on YouTube, owner of Healthful Pursuit and creator of the awesome Keto Beginning online nutrition program.

Let Us Help You Get Started Right On Keto

& Get the Results You're Looking For!

$99   $29

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