Bulletproof Coffee Recipe – Keto Coffee Guide

 Bulletproof coffee, keto coffee, butter coffee, fatty coffee. Same thing, different names. Enjoy this bulletproof coffee recipe.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee was created originally by David Asprey. He’s got a whole brand of products for making bulletproof coffee. It’s essentially a coffee that’s been fattened up. It’s more beneficial than just regular coffee. (see benefits below) It’s also a healthier way to flavor-up your coffee than the common coffee shop would do with sugary artificial ingredients added. See our bulletproof coffee recipe below.

Other Names for Bulletproof Coffee?

Keto coffee, Butter coffee, Fatty coffee, Fat Black (Australia)

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee?

It gives you all the benefits of regular black coffee plus much more.

It energizes you and helps you focus better. The high fat in this drink provides a good amount of energy.

It’s good for the brain – combats Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and fights depression.

It reduces your risk of Diabetes and lowers the risk of stroke.

It helps with weight loss in that it directs your body to burn fat as it’s source of energy.

Last but not least – it’s flavorful and versatile with optional ingredients listed below.

Bulletproof coffee, keto coffee, butter coffee, fatty coffee. Same thing, different names. Enjoy this bulletproof coffee recipe.

Main Ingredients in Bulletproof Coffee?

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 

Grass Fed Butter or Ghee – The purest butterfat to use in your coffee or for cooking.

Coffee – Any coffee will do, organic is always best. And the coffee sold by the Bulletproof brand is certified clean. It’s been lab tested for 27 different toxins. It’s the freshest and most flavorful coffee you’ll ever have.

Optional and Alternative Ingredients:

MCT oil – MCT is concentrated Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT!). It’s easier to digest than Long Train Triglycerides (LTC’s) – and may include added benefits such as brain health, helps balance hormones, heart health, immune health and obesity prevention. Start with a teaspoon at a time in your coffee. Too much can cause stomach discomfort.

MCT oil powder – coconut flavored cream alternative. It’s a fat burner and appetite suppressor. It provides brain fuel, energy boosts, supports heart health and enhances your mood. Therefore, why not add it to your coffee daily!?

XCT oil – It’s a unique energy source found in coconut oil. Start with a teaspoon at a time in your bulletproof coffee recipe. It might cause your stomach to get upset if you have too much at a time.

Full Fat Unsweetened Coconut Milk – An awesome way to make it a creamier coffee.

Grass-Fed Heavy Cream – Another way to make the keto coffee a little creamier.

NutPods – an awesome milk alternative that is keto, paleo, vegan, whole30, gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free.

Stevia Drops – If you like it sweet, this is a healthy way to add some sweetness without the carbs.

Sugar-free flavored syrups – These are great to add extra flavors like pumpkin spice, vanilla, chocolate or salted caramel.

Cocoa Powder – Add a sprinkle for a little chocolate flavor to your bulletproof coffee recipe.

Cinnamon – Just a little goes a long way. Cinnamon is great, especially in the fall or winter.

Optional Beneficial Ingredients:

Brain Octane – This is an extra boost of energy for your bulletproof coffee recipe. It’s found in coconut oil in small quantities. It supports cognitive function and generously provides mental and physical energy. It produces 4x the ketone energy as virgin coconut oil. So if you’re looking for some extra energy you could add a bit of this. Start with a teaspoon at a time – it can be intense on the body so it’s recommended you start in small quantities.

Collagen Protein / Collagen Peptides A great way to get extra protein. This is flavorless. You can blend it in anything – smoothies, soups and of course your bulletproof coffee recipe. It’s made up of vital amino acids found in bone broth. Strengthen your hair, skin, nails and joints with added collagen protein to your diet.

Bulletproof coffee, keto coffee, butter coffee, fatty coffee. Same thing, different names. Enjoy this bulletproof coffee recipe.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe:

1 TBSP virgin coconut oil

1 TBSP grass-fed butter or ghee

8 oz coffee

Note: you can add any of the additional ingredients listed above (stevia, MCT oil powder, coconut milk, cocoa powder, brain octane oil, etc) to taste. 


  1. Add all ingredients to a high powered blender, blend for 30 seconds and enjoy.

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