Keto Diet Meal Plan 

"Skeptical about diets"

"...and I'm about to turn thirty. Being a mom, working full-time, and trying to save a fading social life don't help you lose weight. 

So far, I've lost 6 lbs without thinking about "dieting" or the gym. 

It's simple & my son loves all the new snacks so I'm confident that we're making the right choices and will stay on track."

- Chloe

Enjoy the benefits of Keto

Delicious and easy recipes you'll love, an automatic shopping list and support to help you succeed.

Available on iOS & Android 

We’ll help you get started now with a plan and a team to help you stick with it. 

Is this for me?

This plan is for you if:

  • You've tried low-carb, but want to go full keto for best weight loss results.
  • You need help sticking to a plan while still enjoying life. 
  • You feel like you eat pretty well, but haven't had any weight loss success.
  • You know doing it alone is tough and want someone to help you stick with it.
  • You want to eat healthy and save money.
  • You need new meal ideas to keep it interesting.
  • It feels like you don't have time to eat healthily or plan & cook for your household.
  • You see yourself as a beginner or are starting over on your journey.

You'll get more than just recipes, including:

Meal Plan Support Chat

Chat with a responsive team who's there for you.

New Plans Every Week

Hand picked weekly meal plans, healthy and balanced choices.

Healthy Eating Done Right

Includes macros to help keep you on track with keto.

So many options

Access to hundreds of Healthy Keto recipes.

Exactly what you need

Everyday ingredients with plenty of 15 minute options. 

Exciting Recipes

Renewed enthusiasm for cooking with new recipe ideas. 

Feed the whole family

Adjustable serving sizes depending on the size of your household. 

Grocery list 

Automatic shopping list. Shop with confidence & save money.

Change your life

Gain healthy habits for a lifetime. 

Smart Phone & Tablet Ready

iOS and Android Mobile Apps for those with smart devices. 

"Just got started with keto & have had a hard time figuring out the right amount of proteins & carbs to lose weight. A meal plan makes it easy & there’s a ton of variety. There’s also keto friendly snacks to help with the sweet tooth 😍"



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If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing meal plan, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll help you out with that.

These customers love our meal plans.

Here's why:

"This KETO app is one of the easiest to use. I’ve tried others but didn’t care for them. The recipes are delicious. Easy to use shopping list."


"My sister lost more than 30lbs on the Keto diet so I wanted to try it. She recommended this app because it helped her stick to the diet w/out doing all the "math". I really enjoy these recipes because there's plenty of variety, I'm never short on my proteins, and I don't overdo it on the carbs/sugars. Highly recommended."


"The app is working perfect actually. I really Love the ease of everything. I’ve downloaded other apps that are just plain confusing and it discouraged me. This app however, is awesome. I love the ability to grocery shop for the ingredients off the list and how they are broken down into different food groups. I didn't have to run all over the grocery store for different stuff. I also really, really enjoy the option to change the meal if the one for today doesn’t tickle my fancy. Awesome app."



Here are some common questions about Keto Diet Meal Plan:

How often and when will I be billed?

We will bill you immediately after your initial purchase and then depending on the plan you choose, once every month or once every 6 months from the day you sign up.

How will I receive the meal plans each week?

Immediately after your initial sign up you will be given a link to download the app.  Each week the app will update with a new plan.

I see the meal plan includes 4 recipes a day. What if I don't have time to cook everything?  Can I still use your plans?

Yes, of course. You can leave out what you don't want to cook, or meal prep/cook ahead of time and even freeze some of the  recipes for days when you're extra busy and don't feel like cooking.  We know the struggle of having a busy life, so we understand.  We just provide you with a few recipes a day to give you the  option of following our plan, or picking and choosing to fit your  needs and busy schedule. 

If I sign up, am I locked into a contract/is there any kind of cancellations fee?

No way! We understand that the meals we love may not always be loved by everyone else. You can cancel for any reason at any time and there’s no cancellation fee.

I signed up for the month plan, but want to change it a longer plan. Is  this possible?  How do I do that?

Absolutely! In fact, you'll save money, so we recommend it!

Just contact us to change your account.

How do I contact you about my subscription or for a meal plan question?

You can chat with us inside the app anytime using the support tab. Or click here to contact us through email.

Check out your new meal plan now!

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