Low Carb Foods List – Smart Swaps for the Keto Diet

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Keto diet is all about low carb foods. You can still enjoy what you’re eating, just find a lower carb version of it.

Below you’ll find a full PDF infographic of low carb foods that have been swapped from some of our favorite foods – tortillas (who doesn’t love burritos or tacos or enchiladas?), flour (bread! hello! we love bread!), pancakes/waffles, rice, potatoes, etc – all the good stuff listed right here with it’s low carb alternative right next to it. Hope it’s helpful.

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It’s not easy following a new diet. The keto diet can be daunting at first – it’s all about low carb, really. They say eat up to 20g net carbs only each day. That’s pretty low and can be scary at first. This low carb foods list can help guide you along the path. People hate change usually, but if we can find a healthy clean eating alternative, it will make our lives easier.

You can use this list even if you’re not on Keto but are just watching your carbohydrate intake. No problem.

Low Carb Foods – Clean Eating Food Swaps

Regular flour/wheat flour — coconut flour or almond flour

Breadcrumbs — crushed pork rinds or crushed almonds

Pancake or waffle mix — mix made with almond flour

Sugar — stevia or erythritol

Milk — unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened coconut milk

Rice — cauliflower rice

Pasta/noodles — shirataki noodles or zucchini noodles

Mashed potatoes — mashed cauliflower

Pizza crust — almond/coconut flour crust or crispy cheese crust.

Latte — Bulletproof coffee (check out our recipe by clicking here!)

Tortillas — lettuce leaves as wraps or low carb wraps

If you have any swaps you recommend, share them in the comments below – I am sure we’d all love to hear them!!! PLEASE SHARE! Thanks.

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Low carb Foods - Clean eating lower carb food Swaps for the Keto Diet - Ketogenic Diet

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