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3 best non dairy creamers for paleo diet or eating clean diet. Gluten free and all natural!

When searching for a non dairy creamer, it’s usually for dietary reasons – vegan, paleo, dairy free diet,  clean eating, etc. There’s lots of good options out there. From just plain old coconut milk or almond milk to many popular store-bought products on the market that are made specifically for adding to your coffee or tea or other recipe as a “creamer”.

Keep in mind that there are some really junky non dairy creamer options out there that are labeled “dairy free” or “non dairy” but are filled to the rim of nasty chemicals and highly processed oils or other unnatural ingredients. It’s obvious when I say: “avoid these!” These are NOT clean eating, and they are not paleo friendly either.

Instead, check out this list of 3 non dairy creamer options that include natural and healthy ingredients only. They are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, paleo friendly and would fall under clean eating.

Healthy Non Dairy Creamer Options - coconut based, vegan, paleo, eat clean, clean eating, keto - The best non dairy creamer options out there. Paleo Coffee creamer!

3 Best Non Dairy Creamer Options

1. nutpods Unsweetened Dairy Free Creamer

nutpods Unsweetened Natural non dairy creamer for coffee - made of coconut and almonds. ALL NATURAL! sugar free. The best non dairy creamer and paleo coffee creamer. Like everyone else, I like my coffee different – with a delightful touch of coffee creamer, to make my coffee tasty and exotic.

This product by Nutpods is a thick, rich and natural creamer, which can be used in any beverage (coffee or tea) every morning. This dairy free creamer is produced of coconut and almonds and is unsweetened.

Pros, Cons, Tips and Other Interesting Details:
  • Comes in 3 different flavors: French Vanilla, Original and Hazelnut.
  • Creates a creamy, smooth and rich coffee flavor and texture.
  • The creamer can be used in many other recipes and/or beverages, apart from your morning coffee/tea.
  • Other recipes it’s been used in are mac-n-cheese, desserts, mashed potatoes, oatmeal and quiche.
  • The product is perfect for diabetic patients, as it can help people add sweetness according to their requirements and needs without the added sugars.
  • You can use as is or add a natural sweetener of your choice also.
  • It is soy free, no added sugars and carrageenan free.
  • It’s Vegan!!
  • Non-GMO project certified.
  • Kosher
  • Whole 30 approved.
  • It’s gluten free.
  • Dairy Free, of course!
  • Perfect as a paleo coffee creamer.
  • Many people suffer from stomach aches when they ingest dairy. This product frees you from that since there is no dairy in it.
  • nutpods Unsweetened dairy free creamer is one of the best healthy non dairy creamers out there for coffee drinkers!
  • Can be stored in a cool/dry place before opening. Once opened you must store in fridge and use product within 7-10 days.
  • Bottle size is 11.2 oz.
  • Serving size is 1 TBSP.
  • Fat content: 1 gram per TBSP serving.

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2. AROY-D 100% Pure Coconut Cream

aroy-d pure coconut cream for coffee - non dairy creamer - best non dairy creamer and paleo coffee creamerThis cream is 100% natural coconut cream in a carton and it is produced in Thailand. It’s probably the most simple and natural thing you can use as a non dairy creamer for your coffee or tea. Without any added preservatives, this coconut cream provides the thickness and flavor, natural coconut cream has, and is also perfect for baking, making curries and preparing raw food recipes.

A product which can actually enhance the aroma of a recipe and can add an exceptionally delicious sweetness and thickness in your delicacies is – coconut cream. I have been using coconut cream for my recipes for a long time now, and I’ve created a lot of different dishes in my kitchen since I heard about this product for the first time.

Pros, Cons, Tips and Other Interesting Details:
  • All natural and only 1 ingredient. Compared to other products out there that include chemicals that are harmful, this product is 100% coconut cream made with all coconut. If you want to practice clean eating, this is your stuff!
  • Simple, no need to add anything to it (unless you wanted to add some sweetener like maple syrup or honey).
  • Great in all kinds of recipes, not just coffee or tea.
  • Thicker than just plain coconut milk or almond milk.
  • You can freeze it into popsicles, or add to ice cube trays to make coconut cubes to add to your coffee.
  • Great in smoothies!
  • Great paleo coffee creamer.
  • You must refrigerate after opening and must use within 3-5 days after opening.
  • Product size: 33.8 fl oz.

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3. Coffee++ Paleo Butter Coffee Creamer by Pure Indian Foods

Coffee++ Paleo Butter Coffee Creamer - non dairy creamer ideas - - - best non dairy creamer and paleo coffee creamer. Of all these non dairy creamer options, this is an extremely rich and delicious blend of Grass-Fed Organic Cultured Ghee combined with the energizing Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil (the first of it’s kind!). MCT oil is taken from the kernel of palm and coconut trees, to provide the exquisite taste to the consumers. It’s easy to add to any coffee for added flavor and creaminess. It’s very unique and some make bulletproof coffee using it. Paleo coffee creamer to the rescue!
Pros, Cons, Tips and Other Interesting Details:
  • The product does not contain any coffee or caffeine.
  • You simply add to your beverages such as coffee, hot tea, chai or broth.
  • How to use: Stir product in it’s jar. Using spoon, add 1-2 TBSP to any 8 oz beverage of your choice. Use a blender to get a nice creamy and smooth coffee. Blend until the coffee changes color.
  • You can drink as is, or add a natural sweetener or favorite spice like cinnamon or unsweetened cocoa.
  • Most people who have used this product have witnessed many health benefits due to the Organic Cultured Ghee used in the product.
  • Some find the price too high for such a small bottle. But keep in mind that you aren’t using much for each cup of coffee, so this isn’t that big of a deal.
  • Bottle size: 8 oz.

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Hope this list of 3 best non dairy creamers is helpful. They are definitely clean eating, paleo, vegan and healthy. What are your favorite non dairy creamer options? Please share in the comments below.

You could also make your own creamers using plain almond milk or plain coconut milk (see above). Here are a few recipe ideas.

Everyone is different in how they like their coffee. Some like it really sweet, some like it just a tad bit sweet. Some like a little flavor, some like a lot. Adjust the sweeteners and flavors to your liking. 

  1. Almond milk + maple syrup + cinnamon
  2. Coconut milk + honey + vanilla extract
  3. Almond milk + honey + unsweetened cocoa
  4. Coconut milk + honey + hazelnut extract

non-dairy coffee creamer recipes! #paleo #glutenFree | Healthy Clean Eating Dairy Free creamer. - Best non dairy creamer + paleo coffee creamer.

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