Urine Ketone Test Strips

$14.99 $9.99

Ketone urine strips with colored markers that test the ketone levels in your urine. No pin pricking necessary!


Ketone Urine Strips can keep you on track. Simply urinate on a ketone strip for about 10 seconds, and the color will change based on your ketone levels. Customers have stated that the urine strips are perfect for travel or during social engagements.

The packaging includes a color scale, to make your results clearer. Lighter colors typically mean fewer ketones and dark colors means you’re in full ketosis and using fat for energy.

Not sure if you’re in ketosis after a meal? Use our urine strips to test its effect on you! Weight loss on keto can’t be measured consistently if you don’t know if you’re in ketosis or not… and these urine strips do all the work for you.


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